The Lichthatz System

Strahl-Bündelung des Lasertag-Systems

Optical systems are generally superior to projectile-based systems (such as paintball) for this type of game in terms of precision, range and hit detection. The transmission medium of the Lichthatz system is light, to be more precise: (near) infrared light. In principle, it works like a remote control, but the infrared beam is focused through a lens to achieve a greater range.

The resulting beam is absolutely harmless and adheres to the limits of “DIN EN 62471 Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems” (which, by the way, applies to almost every artificial light source).

  • 130 meter range in the worst case (direct sunlight). In darker weather the range is significantly increased
  • Changing color LEDs on the sensors (on the head) and on the transmitter show the status of the players
  • Tones are modulated for acoustic feedback
  • The sights are illuminated (for games in the dark)
  • The built-in battery enables at least 15 hours of gaming time
Aussehen der Lasertag Geräte
Hit Marker auf der App beim Outdoor Lasertag Spiel

The “Lichthatz Play” app is available in the PlayStore and AppStore and greatly enriches the game: by including the smartphone and its sensors, GPS coordinates can now also be used.

  • There are bases that can be conquered. If a player is deactivated, he can run to a base and be activated again there.
  • A GPS based playing field. If the player steps out of the field, the player will be deactivated. The playing field boundaries can also be adjusted dynamically during the game by the game manager
  • There is a score board that shows how often a player was deactivated, how many players he deactivated and whether these players were on his own team
  • If a player is deactivated, he will receive a message telling him who deactivated him and where that player was. This player will also receive a message that he has deactivated another player.
  • Precision strikes can be ordered to deactivate players in a specific area
Beispiel der App von Lasertag Frankfurt