Playing Fields

When you book a laser tag game, you can choose where you want to play. There are a few tips for an optimal gaming experience:

  • Find a place that is not too busy, so you donĀ“t disturb any people outside the gaming area.
  • The playing field should be outside. If you want to play indoors, there are some features of the app that cannot be used due to insufficient GPS connectivity indoors.
  • If it is private property, you need the owner’s permission.
  • The playing field should have enough obstacles and cover so that you can hide while playing. A piece of forest is ideal.
  • If you have problems finding a suitable playing field for your laser tag experience, please ask us. We also know suitable places in and around Frankfurt.
  • We also have collaborations with paintball fields. If there is a special request, it is also possible to play on such playing fields, although additional costs will apply.