Preparations for the Game

Installing the App

Please install the “Lichthatz Play” app (can be found in the PlayStore and AppStore) and create an account. You will receive the passcode that you need to join a game from the game master on the day of the game.

For the game you need some data volume (approx. 10 MB for two hours) and enough battery. Please make sure that your smartphone has at least 75% charge when starting the game.

Things to bring with you

  • your smartphone
  • water
  • comfortable / sporty clothes (which may aldo get dirty)
  • optional: your own cap*

*For reasons of hygiene, the headband with the sensors should not be worn directly on the skin. You are welcome to bring your own headgear (hat / cap / etc.). If you don’t have a hat, you can get a freshly washed hat on the day of the match.