Great importance is placed on sustainability in the production of laser tag devices. The processes are digitalized so that the circuit board and housing can first be designed completely in CAD and checked before production. This saves money and materials for some prototypes. Of course, it doesn’t work entirely without prototypes, but the first iterations in the design process can be digitalized this way.

The housings are 3D printed, so there is hardly any material waste during production. In addition, production can be adapted to requirements and also small quantities can be produced economically (which would not be possible with classical methods such as injection molding).

The production of the housings as well as the manufacture and assembly of the circuit boards is carried out entirely in Germany. Only the semiconductor components, such as microchips and electronic components, are ordered from a large overseas supplier, as they are not produced in Germany.

Components that wear out more quickly, such as the connection for battery charging, buttons, cables and batteries, are easily replaceable, ensuring a long service life for the devices.